Mark Lewington

My uncle grew up in Australia with my mum. He was born in Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, Africa. He was born in Africa as my grandfather worked in the air force and he was working at the base there. He came to New Zealand on a boat with my mum and grandparents in 1973 and has been here ever since. He lived in many houses as a kid in Australia and New Zealand from the backs of shops to flats to houses. His parents were born again Christians and religion had a very positive impact on him and provided a spiritual life. His hobbies included swimming, fishing, making things, hanging out with friends and he enjoyed explosives. He found about about world news through the newspaper and TV. I was surprised to learn that he had lived in the outback of Australia growing up. The very earliest memory he has is when he was five years old, he lived across the road from a park and he went over to watch someone fly a kite and his mum and dad were making apricot jam in the kitchen. He didn't meet his grandparents as they moved so far away and was constantly moving with his parents so he had a home every now and then. His parents were very adventurous and brave in spirit.